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Are you planning to settle down in San Antonio? Well, you might be in luck.

The city’s proximity to Texas’ economic and social centers means you have a chance to build a good livelihood. Nevertheless, no city is without its risks to residents, and San Antonio is no exception. You should therefore protect the investments you’ve made in your life. With the help of Action Insurance Agency’s vast array of policy offerings, you can find protection for your most important belongings.

Car Insurance in San Antonio for Every Driver!

San Antonio is part of what many call The Texas Triangle. This mega-region connects Dallas in the north, to Houston in the east, and Austin and San Antonio in the west. A major infrastructure and interstate highway system has developed in the area as a result. San Antonio’s home of Bexar County has over 1.5 million registered vehicles, alone. There are a lot of drivers, and a lot of places to go.

Large cities like San Antonio pose significant driving risks to both locals and visitors. The city reported over 46,000 crashes in 2016. Don’t get caught in accidents without a financial cushion to protect yourself and your car. Action Insurance Agency can help you find the right policy to meet this need.

Do you have a suspended or expired license?

You have come to the right place. We have many different insurance companies that will cover many varied risks. They will give you a quote knowing that you might need time to get your license taken care of. If you need insurance to take your drivers’ test, we can help. We have companies that will permit us to add you as a driver for the purpose of taking your test.

If you are at a car lot and need insurance, then give us a call at 210.360.1655. We are able to do quotes over the phone and by fax or email. We can work with you and the dealership to get a quote so that you can buy that new car.

How Much is Car Insurance in San Antonio, TX?

Texas law requires all drivers to carry minimum levels of liability insurance. All the cheap auto insurance in San Antonio we provide will include limits valued at

  • $30,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $60,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability coverage

If you are at-fault in an accident, your liability coverage can help cover the losses of those you might have harmed. It’s a great piece of protection for every driver.

Still, most San Antonio residents need much more coverage than just the state minimums. With additional protection, you can go a long way towards further stabilizing your financial security. Ask your agent to help you enroll in

  • Increased liability limits can help ensure you have more funds to provide parties to whom you owe money for damages.
  • Comprehensive insurance to cover repairs to your own vehicle following accidents like weather damage, theft, fire or vandalism
  • Collision insurance to pay for vehicle damage that results from an accident

So whether you are looking to insure your car, moped, scooter, RV or motorcycle - look no further than Action Insurance Agency of San Antonio.

TX Home Insurance

Own a Home? Get Homeowner's Coverage

If you call San Antonio home, you’re going to need to protect what’s probably the most expensive possession you have.

How Much Homeowners Insurance do You Need?

Given that the median listing price of a property in the city is around $230,000, that’s a lot of value you stand to lose if something happens. So, to keep yourself and your property secure, invest in effective, reliable home insurance in San Antonio.

Settling on the appropriate San Antonio home insurance policy might prove confusing. However, with the assistance of Action Insurance Agency, you will have an experienced hand to guide you through the selection process. The policies we provide can include coverage like

  • Property and Structure Coverage: Your house, other buildings and the rest of the property all face damage risks. Use this coverage to pay for repairs following hazards like fires, weather, theft and vandalism.
  • Possessions Protection: Don’t just protect the home, protect your belongings as well. Clothing, furniture and electronics all have value. With possessions protection, you can get assistance replacing or repairing these items.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Insurance: When someone gets hurt on your property, they might expect you to pay for their losses. Use this coverage to help you cover the costs.
  • Property Damage Liability Insurance: If you or a member of your family damages someone else’s property, this coverage can help you cover the costs of repairs.

Our Approach to Customer Service

Getting the appropriate insurance coverage will take time and attention to detail. Don’t try to go it alone. Action Insurance Agency’s commitment to each and every customer will guarantee that you always find the appropriate coverage at budget-friendly prices.

As an independent agency, we can tap into the widest range of policy offerings from multiple insurers. We’ll help you evaluate multiple coverage and price points to ensure you receive a satisfactory policy. Our knowledge of bundling, payment plans and discounts can ensure that you don’t put a hole in your wallet just to get the necessary protection.

Get Started Now

When you work with Action Insurance Agency, we’ll treat you like family. You’re going to find what you need and walk away satisfied with the results. So, don’t wait to start looking for home or auto insurance. Call one of our agents at 210.360.1655 or request a fast, free online quote right now.

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